Bahamas: Great Harbour Cay Airport Opens

Bahamas flag
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This Caribbean Island Has Just Opened A New International Airport

The Bahamas has officially opened a new international airport in Great Harbour Cay, located in the Berry Islands

The Caribbean is home to over 7,000 islands, both big and small, bustling and deserted. Access to some of the smaller islands can be complicated and require several transfers, sometimes by small plane, other times only by boat. That is why when a Caribbean airport opens or is upgraded to allow for more travel, it can have a big impact on the local economy.

Construction on the new airport took over three years to complete. It replaces what locals referred to as a “shack” that lacked the facilities to revitalize tourism in the area. When counting tourist arrivals by air and sea, the Berry Islands have welcomed over 1.2 million visitors this year, a 65% increase from 2019.


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