10mil Payment To NIA Signals New Paradigm Of Cooperation by LK Hewlett
Nevis Premier Hon. Vance Amory says a new paradigm has been established as it relates to the relationship between St. Kitts and Nevis and the way business will be done going forward. He said this following the announcement that the NIA will soon receive a $10mil gratuitous payment for budgetary support from the Unity government. Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris revealed last week at a press conference attended by Premier Amory and other ministers in the federal Cabinet. He said this payment was in keeping with what was outlined in the historic Charlestown Accord, where Nevis was promised ‘its fair share of national resources’. Pm Harris said the $10million was a first payment and a sign of good faith. Premier Amory, speaking to the relationship between the two islands, said the evolution of the Team Unity government “is the best thing to happen to Nevis and St. Kitts for a long, long time”. “We have seen that with a common purpose the people can achieve great things,” he said, adding that the decision to make the transfer payment of $10million “is something the people of St. Kitts and Nevis can feel good about”. “It is part of a promise which had been made by the Team Unity when we did the Charlestown Accord, the agreement which we signed to signal our fast commitment to the Unity concept,” he said. Hon. Amory said under the Denzil Douglas-led Labour administration there had been a lack of respect demonstrated towards Nevis, coupled with a lack of cooperation. The country is now seeing a reversal of that trend, said the Premier. “I want to thank the Prime Minister and my other colleagues in Cabinet for that decision. I’m sure I can hear echoes of ‘the Lord is good’ over in Nevis.” Because Nevis elects its own Island Administration, PM Harris assured the Unity government is willing to work with any party comprising the NIA. The first tranche will be made as soon as the two Finance Ministries can work out the details of the transfer, Dr. Harris informed. “The new paradigm which has been established will ensure that things will be done in a totally different way,” said the Premier. “We are committed to ensuring that the Team Unity government remains intact and that it goes on for as long as the people want us to go.”