Since the start of 2010 there have 12 homicides in the federation yet there has not been a single arrest made or individual charged in any of the cases. The Observer confirmed these disconcerting statistics with Police Public Relations Officer Inspector Vaughan Henderson who said the incidents remain under investigation. Although a suspect had been taken into police custody for the double murder of Mildred and James Daniel, the individual was released “pending future inquiries” some 3 days after. The elderly couple, James, 77, and Mildred, 75, were retirees who had lived more than 40 years in Birmingham, England. They had returned to their native land five months prior to their partially decomposed bodies being found in their Half Moon Heights home on April 11. Autopsies revealed that he couple died as a result of hemorrhaging due to gunshot wounds. Their deaths was preceded By the April 8 shooting death of a 78-year-old taxi driver, Bradford “Braddy” Tweed and was followed on April 13 By the shooting death of Elvan Warner, 45, of Molineux. The federation registered a record high 27 homicides in 2009 including the shooting deaths of 3 women. Of the total number of homicides, only 7 were solved. At 12 so far, the homicide rate for 2010 has surpassed the 11 recorded for the same period last year. The homicides have been coupled with several non-fatal shooting incidents including the most recent two when Shaheed Williams was shot in Newton Ground on Friday, April 16 and Mwarima Wilkes of Butlers, Nevis was shot in his upper right arm on Saturday, April 17. The Police Force, Ministry of National Security and Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Denzil Douglas have come under heavy public criticisms for the escalating homicide rate. The Prime Minister has said repeatedly that crime is the number one issue on his administration’s agenda and newly appointed Minister of National security, Hon. Sam Condor has pledged to shake up the ministry and get a handle on the situation.