In just one month, members of the police in Nevis have seized at least 140 grams — or nearly 5 ounces — of cannabis. On Tuesday, Jan. 14, four cannabis-related cases were on the docket at Charlestown Magistrate Court. However, only two were heard. The remaining cases were rescheduled for the following week. In the first trial of the day, Kemar Francis of Bath Village and Zalima Herbert of Mount Lily were convicted of cannabis-related offenses and ordered to pay fines. (They were tried for unrelated matters.) In Francis’ hearing, Police Prosecutor Stephen Hector said Constable Brown was on patrol on Jan. 7. when he saw Francis near Mem’s Pizzeria. He engaged Francis in a stop and search on suspicion of drugs. Francis attempted to evade Brown, and in the process, he threw something into the nearby bushes, which he claimed to be dust. The police searched the area but initially found nothing. The police took Francis to Charlestown Police Station and cautioned him, Hector said. The following morning, they returned to the restaurant and searched the bushes again. They found a black plastic bag containing 104 grams of cannabis, Hector said. Magistrate Yasmine Clarke convicted Francis of the charge of possession of cannabis and fined him $2,000. After she concluded Francis’ case, Clarke considered Herbert’s case. According to Police Prosecutor Stephen Hector, Herbert, 28, was at her boyfriend’s house on Dec. 6 when a search warrant was executed on the premises at 7:25 am. She was the only occupant of the house at that time. The search yielded 37.3 grams of cannabis, which had been stored in three drink mix containers. One container held 11 dime bags. Seeds were also found within the seized amount. Herbert was convicted of the charge of possession of cannabis with intent to supply, to which she pled guilty, and was fined $1,500.