2 More SKN Corona Recoveries, 9 Still Being Treated

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Dr. Hazel Laws


By Loshaun Dixon

The number of active COVID19 cases in St. Kitts and Nevis continues to decrease as another two have been declared recovered bringing that total to six with nine still in recovery mode.

The latest announcement came from Chief Medical Officer Dr. Hazel Laws delivering a presentation at the National Emergency Operations Center daily briefing.

She said, “This afternoon that six confirmed cases have recovered to date we have zero deaths.

More than 3 million cases worldwide have been reported with more than 228,000 deaths. The US currently has more than 61,000 deaths from the disease.

Dr. Laws said 293 people have been sampled and tested with 15 confirmed positive, 271 confirmed negative and seven results pending.

Currently, five are quarantined in a government facility, while 55 are quarantined at home, nine remain in isolation and 688 have been released from quarantine

Dr. Laws said while there is currently no cure for Coronavirus there are some steps everyone can take to support their natural defenses against viruses.

“The body’s immune system is what helps to fight off these pathogens. There are a number of ways you can support your own immune system to make it as strong and effective as possible.”

She implored the public to eat more fruits and vegetables and leafy greens. “Aim to consume at least three servings of fruits and vegetables daily.”

Dr. Laws also urged all to get quality rest and Vitamin D from the to also help combat viruses.

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