2030 World Cup Of (Men’s) Soccer Will Be Going Global, Played On Three Continents.

Photo credit: FIFA Website. In 2030 World Cup Finals matches will be played on three continents.
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FIFA and the leaders of several continental football associations reached an agreement on Wednesday to make World Cup 2030 the first to be held across three continents and six countries. It was also key to find a way  to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the World Cup in Uruguay, where the very first tourment final was held in 1930.

Here’s a quick look at what to know about the 2030 World Cup announcement and other upcoming tournaments:

Morocco, Portugal and Spain won the race to host the 48-team tournament but Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay were handed the opening three matches. All six counries will be automatic qualifiers for the finals.

“In a divided world, FIFA and football are uniting,” said FIFA President Gianni Infantino in a press statement.

“The FIFA Council, representing the entire world of football, unanimously agreed to celebrate the centenary of the FIFA World Cup, whose first edition was played in Uruguay in 1930, in the most appropriate way.

“As a result, a celebration will take place in South America and three South American countries – Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay – will organise one match each of the FIFA World Cup 2030.

“The first of these three matches will of course be played at the stadium where it all began, in Montevideo’s mythical Estádio Centenário, precisely to celebrate the centenary edition of the FIFA World Cup.”

The decision, which caught even seasoned Fifa watchers by surprise, means that World Cup 2030 will involve teams playing in six countries, each of which will qualify automatically.

The World Cup has never been played on more than one continent before and proposals for a tournament to be played over thousands of miles was met with shock by climate groups.

The decision, and the timing, appeared to pave the way for Saudi Arabia to host the World Cup in 2034 and within hours the kingdom unveiled its bid for that tournament.

The Saudis had once been expected to lead a bid alongside Greece and Egypt for 2030, only to stand aside earlier this year.

Now, with Fifa inviting bids from Asia and Oceania to host in 2034, the Saudi Football Federation said it intends to bid alone.

Sources: FIFA, The Guardian, news agencies, BBC.
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