By Monique Washington

A new case of COVID-19 has been diagnosed in Nevis, the fourth on the island and 11th in the Federation.

Chairperson for the Nevis COVID-19 task force Dr Judy Nisbett announced the new case was not travel related. She said in all 116 people are quarantined, 44 had been tested with 27 negative results, four positive results, 13 pending results and 60 individuals have been released from quarantine.

“The newly confirmed case is a 35-year-old man with minimal symptom who is isolated at home. He has no history of recent travel. However, he works within the Tourism industry. All four people that tested positive, I want to emphasize this; they are doing well. All patients are isolated at home,” Dr. Nisbett said.

She said that the second and third patients that tested positive and had been hospitalized on Nevis have since been discharged from the hospital and are at home.

“We are currently involved in the identification of contacts of these individuals of all of these confirmed cases. Once someone test positive, we do ‘contact tracing’” she said.

She said that contact tracing involves identifying all the social, family, health care workers and work contacts that would have come in contact the patient. The contacts of the patients are automatically quarantined for 14 days.

“We have placed all of our contacts so far into quarantine and we have been testing these contacts. Right now, the rapid response team is out and testing contacts of patient number 3 and once we have found the contacts of patient number 4 which is the newly diagnosed patient, we will then start testing these contacts,” she said.

Dr. Nisbett urged everyone to abide by the rules of quarantine. “We want to stress, once you come out of quarantine you can still contract COVID-19 just like anybody.”