The 60th annual Basil Henderson Aquatic Sports Meet is set for Easter Monday when thousand will flock to the Bay Road in Basseterre to enjoy the aquatic and boxing activities that will be on offer.

The meet is set to take place on Monday April 2nd at the ferry terminal in Basseterre. Organizer for the annual event Winston “Zack” Nisbett in an interview with The Observer has indicated this year their main focus will be on the boxing event targeting young people to participate in the sport instead of turning to violence.

“The boxing is the key factor this year and we are targeting the youth. Because of the current trend now with violence we want to make sure this happens,” he said.

He added that there will be different categories of male and female swimmers participating in the aquatic aspect of the event based on age range with traditional swimming races and a number of other water sports

Nisbett also spoke to the ever popular greasy pole event and indicated that he had already received commitments for a donation of the two hams for the horizontal pole and that the Scenic Railway has already committed a cash prize for the vertical pole to be mounted in the sand.

According to Nisbett the Aquatic Sports Meet commemorates the life and times of Henderson who gave his whole being to the 4-H Organization which he started and nurture in St. Kitts and Nevis 60 years ago.

“It started with Basil Henderson who founded the 4-H organization. He actually created it to set up an environment for young people to be involved in different sporting and educational activities. He also organised debating, festivals, pageants, boxing, swimming and a number of community projects.

“Basil Henderson was the one who spearheaded that as the director of the institution and he was also a social worker so he had his whole heart and mind into that. Agnes Skerritt and Earl Clarke also played a big role in the organization as well,” Nisbett said.

He also spoke of the significance of the event to the community over the years. “It has been a sense of community development and enhancement because it gives the ordinary person a chance to win some top of the line prizes, things they can benefit from and it brings the community together.

“It brings all these different people down there to let loose and let go of their problems and gives them a chance to sit and chat with a friend and at the same time enjoy the activities,” Nisbett said.

He explained he still plans on releasing a book to commemorate the 60th anniversary but it will be delayed. “I can’t do that this time but I am looking to get it done for September.”

Nisbett also noted that Clarke and Skerritt who were apart of the event in the earlier days will be making presentations on Easter Monday.