GREAT BAHAMAS BANK (May 28, 2005)–Sixty-two Haitians on a 42-foot sail freighter were intercepted after being at sea for 10 days by Coast Guard cutters Confidence and Metompkin. The Haitians were transfered to the cutter Confidence just south of the Great Bahamas Bank near Cape Lobos Light . U.S. Coast Guard Photo.

NASSAU, Bahamas – Members of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force, Police Force and local fishermen, on Friday (Nov 9) intercepted a vessel with 62 undocumented Haitian migrants off the coast of Long Island in the Bahamas.

It’s reported that the vessel, a 40ft sailing sloop, was spotted approximately 16 nautical miles west of Deadman’s Cay. The migrants were taken aboard a vessel to be handed over to the relevant authorities.