Pedestrian injured in Cayon Street Accident

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Vehicular traffic was briefly interrupted on Cayon Street Tuesday morning when a pedestrian was injured after colliding with a vehicle near the Victoria road junction.

injured in the incident was Albert Wyatt of Parson Village who was attempting to cross the road when he was struck.

Police officials said they are investigating the traffic accident ithat occurred along Cayon Street in the vicinity of the intersection at Fort Street and Victoria Road sometime after 10 a.m. on Tuesday, March 30, 2021. Motor SUV PB 4966, which is owned and was being driven by Michael Bartlett of Shear Lane, Basseterre and pedestrian  Wyatt.

Police said the circumstances are that Wyatt was walking along the pedestrian crossing from Fort Street towards Victoria Road when the driver of motor SUV PB 4966, which was in the stop on Victoria Road, proceeded to turn left on Cayon Street after the traffic light turned green and struck the pedestrian.

The incident drew dozens of onlookers who gathered quickly to get a peep at how serious the accident was to the victim.

Wyatt suffered lacerations to the head and was transported to J.N.F. General Hospital via the Emergency Medical Service where he is warded in a stable condition. Investigations into the matter are ongoing.



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