Haiti: A Bus with 43 Passengers Targeted, 1 Dead, 2 Seriously Injured

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A bus from the company “La voix des anges” with 43 passengers on board, which provides the Cayes-Port-au-Prince route, was targeted in Martissant (at the southern entrance to the capital) by heavily armed individuals who control the RN#2, confirmed Méhu Changeux, President of the union of the Association of Owners and Drivers of Haiti (APCH).

Three passengers were seriously injured and rushed to a hospital in Carrefour: Steevenson Théodore (19 years old) succumbed to his injuries at the hospital the other two Fernand Lénor (24 years old) Jacques Dieuly, (42 years old) received the care required by their condition according to the Justice of the Peace Moïse Jean in charge of the legal report.

We have no news of the condition of the two injured passengers.

According to testimonies, it would be bandits from Village-de-Dieu who opened fire in the direction of the bu

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