While picking up lunch at my friend’s restaurant last week, he introduced me to his latest composition. I was so thrilled that I decided to abandon my headline for this article and adopt his words as my topic this week. The attempted coup on Saturday, June 10, 1967, the Christena disaster on Saturday, August 1, 1970 and the disappearance of Billy Herbert and five others on Sunday, June 19, 1994 were all devastating events during the last 50 years. These three horrible occurrences are vividly remembered. However, the ordeal that we’ve endured since July 7, 1995 has been the most damaging and torturous anyone could imagine for our Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. Today we live as hostages in our islands being held and ruled by an illegitimate government refusing to table a Motion of No Confidence for 19 months. No other place on earth has refused to abide by its constitution in such an insulting manner. Disobeying and disregarding our constitution shows blatant disrespect for the ultimate law of the land. Following the election in 1993 we were forced into an era that no one envisioned. A Prime Minister who seemingly possesses dictatorial traits riled up his supporters when the incumbent PAM party ruled with a constitutionally provided minority government. Regardless, things did not go smoothly as residents on St. Kitts were called upon and responded to the incitement call. Students were encouraged not to go to school. Bottles and stones rained on the town which resulted in an early election in 1995. We eventually saw the Labour Party winning all 8 seats in a following election. Since then our Federation have not been the same. Decency has fled our hearts and minds. Peaceful, loving, kind, compassionate and honest people have changed. Money has become our God, our dream and aspiration. Seemingly, Ill gotten wealth flourishes. Murders surged until we were the murder capital of the Caribbean. Crime increased alarmingly and we have not been the same. We’ve turned to the IMF as a camouflage and claimed debts were too high while we had a cash cow raking in billions of dollars. Those billions have seemingly formed a slush fund insomuch as 25% of money borrowed was repaid to the IMF early. Improving our infrastructure is a huge challenge. Our state is not in good hands and is daily getting worse. Our leaders have turned to handing over the patrimony as a sham to cover up ineffective leadership. Huge amounts of land estimated to be 12% of St. Kitts have been swapped in order to reduce our debt even though millions are said to be in a slush fund out of the reach of consolidated fund account and the parliament. One remembers Dr. Douglas’ response when asked about the national debt. The land for debt swap did not sit well with all members of parliament and the electorate. Swapping land was probably the straw the broke the camel’s back as two senior minister of the Labour government turned away and left a minority government sitting in limbo. A Motion of No Confidence was filed in November 2012 and to date have not been put on the order paper for debate. We have endured all manner of ills under an abusive dictatorial leadership from one who is uncouth, undemocratic and a stranger to the truth. Our Prime Minister have managed to lock dictatorial horns and emerged with all 8 seats in an election. Our leader who has been referred to by a sitting judge as stranger to the truth have called citizens of St. Kitts and Nevis and even those who sat closest to him in government, hogs. Every institution in our federation is seemingly corrupted under his leadership. The electoral system of which the Prime Minister has control was c on Nevis was rendered Null and Void which resulted in resignations of Supervisor of Elections and Registration Officer. A minister of Government in Nevis resigned in disgrace on the same basis. Our Prime Minister has been uncouth, obnoxious, crude and lewd as many clips of his ramblings are evidence on various websites. He is seen as the king of corruption as the following are alleged examples. Corrupted National Assembly; The high numbers of Police resignations points to a corrupted Police Force. Corrupted and manipulated parliament with the speaker of the National Assembly presently awaiting a court ruling. Corrupt and questionable practices seems to destroy the Labour Union. Abusive to a point where the leader called his own people Hogs. Our Prime Minister is seemingly on an agenda to undermine and destroy the Nevis Island Administration. The Prime Minister also told nurses on Nevis to defy the deputy premier. Our judicial system have come under attack as the NIA between July 2006 and January 2013 lost many court cases, locked in horns with the Labour Party government. The NRP now in opposition in Nevis joined forces in a coalition government with the Labour Party. IT IS FULL TIME, WE NEED A CHANGE! Team UNITY is the ultimate choice as three parties put their differences aside and joined together for the common cause of putting our federation on democratic grounds. Anything is better than what we have now. Men of honor have united to rid St. Kitts and Nevis of the scourge that has ruthlessly plagued and exploited our islands over the past 19 years. We Need a Change. Men of proven integrity and goodwill Timothy Harris, Sam Condor, Eugene Hamilton, Shawn Richards, Mark Brantley and Vance Amory, all elected members of the federal parliament have given us an alternative when. I’ll conclude with words of my friend and calypsonian, the Mighty Black Hat. “A Few Good Men can do a Much Better Job, A few good men are better than ten man in one”.