A frantic, harmful craving for power

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A little less than two years ago,11 politicians stood before the nation and presented a united position to face the 2020 general election. They said that they were the best team that the people of St. Kitts and Nevis could support, as well as trust, and asked to be returned to government, giving their Team Unity another term.

They said Dr. Timothy Harris was the best person to lead them again, and that they would back him 100 percent.

The election took place on June 5th, 2020. Team Unity won nine of the 11 parliamentary seats, and despite publicly backing Harris for Prime Minister, according to reports, many of the newly-elected Team Unity parliamentarians opposed Harris’ swearing in as prime minister. At least two MPs demanded that the appointment of Dr. Harris be reversed, after the PM had been sworn in.

At least one party leader had a meeting planned with a leader from an opposition party to try to form a government that would not include Harris. These activities stalled the formation of the government for days.


According to reports, in recent weeks several members have been seeking the removal of Dr. Harris from the post of Prime Minister and the appointment of someone else. They are trying to make a case against Harris based on what others have said, and what they say supporters of Harris have said and have written. Harris has not contributed in any way.

Ministers of government must lead by example, they should discourage gossip and rumours, and not be governed by it.

Harris remains prime minister despite the attempts to remove him. The constitution is clear on how a prime minister could be removed – either by a vote of no confidence, or if the prime minister resigns on his own.

The buseing seminar at the People’s Action Movement (PAM) convention of last Sunday is beneath the standard set by William Valentine (Billy) Herbert, for the party which he formed 57 years ago. The ridicule of Harris was uncalled for, and was out of place for a party convention.

Many allegations were made, none backed by evidence. A session like that might have its place, but not at an open convention where all, including the world, can see and hear.

Harris was there at the convention, as an invited guest, sitting in the front row, taking it all in.


Many feel that Harris has little choice but to call elections now, three years before they are due. An election now, three years early, would see The St. Kitts and Nevis Labour Party (SKNLP) winning six out of the eight St. Kitts seats, The People’s Action Movement (PAM) would win one seat (the seat held by its leader, Shawn K. Richards) and The People’s Labour Party (PLP) would win one seat, the seat held by Dr. Timothy Harris. Labour would clearly be the winner.

Thus far, the public has been given one side of a story – a story that is propped up by rumours and gossip; a story that flies in the face of reason and common sense.

Consider some of the facts that The Observer has stated. Do your own research to ascertain if the incidents stated are true.

Harris has shown statesmanship, restraint, political maturity and stamina by sitting at PAM’s Convention and taking hours of verbal abuse without responding. We believe that he gained support by many for his handling of this occasion.

In the end, the people, the voters will have the last say. The population, the voters, certainly are hardly considering individuals whom they see as having a frantic, harmful craving for power.

As voters, ask yourselves: Do you believe that these politicians had a meeting with Dr. Harris to discuss these issues? They meet in Cabinet every week, were any of these issues raised?

What about love of country? Love of country would drive politicians to use diplomacy to resolve disagreements for the good of the country.


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