By Steve Thomas Observer Nevis Editor
(Charlestown, Nevis) ” Something nice happened on Nevis. This event occurred Tuesday morning at Grove Park. It was a handing-over ceremony, nothing too complicated or unique. The donor was Surrey Paving, which donated bags of new footballs to the Nevis Football Association. In turn, the Nevis Football Association donated the footballs to each of the Nevis Primary Schools. Several people spoke at the ceremony, all with similar messages: Sports is a good way to invest in our young people, to help learn discipline and gain direction and perhaps move on a positive path through life. And with the exception of the private donor, each speaker thanked Surrey Paving for the company’s support. Wednesday Online Code for Issue # 733 is PM7 Mr. Desmond Lewis, project manager of Surrey Paving, talked about his firm’s response to being asked by the Nevis Football Association to get involved. “We gleefully accepted,” he said in his remarks at the ceremony. “We have a responsibility. . .to insure the development of our youths. We will continue to support youth development throughout the country.” Then he spoke to the schoolboys who were invited to the event. “With hard work and discipline, you will be future role models,” Mr. Lewis said. Mr. Raymond Smith, president of the Nevis Football Association, spoke about the new equipment. “What I want to say to the coaches ” use these wisely,” Mr. Smith said. “These days, sponsorship is hard to come by.” He spoke about his group’s mission. “The Nevis Football Association is geared toward good,” he said. Then he thanked Mr. Lewis and Surrey Paving for their sponsorship. Ellen Grant of the Education Department also made a few remarks and looked to the future. “Being active in sports is essential for a healthy lifestyle, especially football where so much energy is exerted during play. Our students should be encouraged by this kind of gesture to become better team players,” she said. Later Ms. Grant added: “We are looking forward to a mixed team for boys and girls or a girls” football team.” Minister of Sports Hensley Daniel closed out the ceremony with remarks to the boys. “None of you can be in a gang. Being on a football team is inimical to being in a gang. When you go to school, you must not be rude to your teachers,” he said. He finished saying, “I believe in Nevis. . . What” we want to do is make our people better.”