A Mistake Should Not A Future Make

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The Greene scandal has indeed created a major stir in the Federation. Hundred of images of local women, some of them well known in the entertainment sector, have been circulating in the public domain for a about month.

Some of these women are wives, business professionals and mothers.

What surprises most people is the graphic nature of some of these images.

Sweet Sister Sensia, in her interview with The Observer, stated that she was fed up with the negative comment that the women were receiving from the public. Some of these women have indeed suffered enough. Some have lost their jobs, boyfriend/husband and most important some have lost the respect of their peers and family members.

It is time now to stop the blame game, because the person who deserves most of the blame is dead.

That person provided the place, drinks, patrons and atmosphere for those women to do what they did. Yes, the women made a mistake and they too are accountable. However, most of them were too young to truly take in account the consequences. Some of them were looking for attention, money and acceptance. In fact it is alleged that one of the girls was raped by a family member. Also, the Police Force has information that one of the girls was below the age of 16.

It seems these girls were taken advantage of. They were led astray by people who they clearly trusted.

Anyway, let us put aside the blame game for awhile.

Sensia, a successful local DJ, wants the public to move past this scandal.

“But people need to understand that this was probably not the first time this has happened and probably would not be the last. People need to get off the backs of these girls and look at their own lives,” Sensia said. “A lot of people have bones in the their closets and they are still talking. Leave the girls alone. They know they made mistake. Leave them alone and let them get on with their lives.”

We also agree with Linda Adams, Permanent Secretary in the Department of Social Development, Community and Gender Affairs. She said such material objectifies women, exploits them and presents women solely as sexual objects to be used for the sexual gratification of others.”

Our young men and women are leaving the home and school armed with very little values and morals. The Observer has always maintained that the Government needs to spend more money on social programs such as the Boy Scout and Girl Guide movement.

Programs such as these do instill children a sense of pride and achievement, and help to prepare them for the future.

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