On the day after Barack Obama was elected to serve as the 44th President of the United States of America, I wandered over to what would become Obama’s house for the next four and possibly eight years.” Located a short block away from my work station, I went there to simply pause and reflect on this monumental achievement in the liberation struggle of Black Americans. The White House is located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.” This elegant structure that was built by slaves 216 years ago will for the first time house an African-American.” It attracts hordes of visitors every day from across America and around the world.” They come with their families, their young and the old to get as close as possible to this important symbol of America’s greatness. The best and most favored vantage point is Lafayette Square on the northern side of Pennsylvania Avenue.”” It is where the protesters and the homeless set up base to conduct regular briefings for the President.”” The homeless enjoy the best seats.” They are in the front row and can look directly into the President’s windows.” They have a special bond with the President and are there 24 hours a day.”” Stopping at a homeless site is like going to the library.” You can spend a cool half hour just reviewing their works of art and the various messages on every issue imaginable that is troubling the American people. The Great House is nestled between a few of the symbols of America’s power.” To the East is Alexander Hamilton’s United States Treasury.” On the Lafayette Square side to the North is Blair House which serves as the official guest house for visiting dignitaries.” To the West are the elegant Executive Offices of the President which house the Office of the Vice President.” Further west on the other side of 17th Street is the country’s regulatory financial oversight center.”” Still further to the west on the other side of 18th Street are the two giant global financial assistance bodies ” the IMF and the World Bank. I have had occasion to walk through Lafayette Square on numerous occasions.” But, today was different. As I paused a discrete distance away, I saw up close the faces of those who walked by, as they too paused to look at the structure and to reflect on what will occur on Inauguration Day.” There were the five beautiful young Black ladies who drifted by who hugged each other, giving each other a “high five” and doing a little jig as millions around the world did on the evening before with each toss-up state that fell for Obama.”” Then, there was the petite Black older lady who wandered away and was heading off on her own.”” I could distinctly here her saying “THANK YOU, JESUS ” THANK YOU, JESUS” over and over again, as she pumped her fist in the air as she walked away.” It was an emotional moment that caused me to choke up a little.” Then about fifty yards away, there were two females who passed by one of the two huge gates and said something to one of the ever-present security guards.” Whatever they said, they all seemed to thoroughly savor the moment. I spent about twenty minutes there just watching the stream of persons going by — the young, the old, the Hispanics, Blacks, whites, the employees of the international banking community, far more than would the case on any normal day.” Every newspaper on every news stand was sold out on the morning after.”” Every hotel within a fifty mile radius of the Capitol is already booked as the masses from the around the country and around the world descend on the city for the January 20th inauguration. As I returned to my assignment, still overcome by the significance of this moment, there was very little else that I could get done. For me THIS IS BIG.”” This did not happen in France which has a nice complement of immigrant Blacks from West Africa and the Caribbean.” This did not happen in Great Britain with its own complement of African and Caribbean immigrants.” This ascendancy from the back of the bus to the Head of the Class of the most powerful country in the world happened in America. “It gives hope to every Black household of the possibilities of what can be achieved in America.” Katrina showed the dark side of America.” But, this epochal moment represents another side that the world seldom sees.”””” It is a wonderful Land of Opportunity.” “VHAT A KANTRY”. The full significance of what this means for America and the world will be reflected on for generations to come.”” As I savor this moment, and reflect on the outpouring of recognition from around the world, I paused to reflect further on our liberation struggles at home and the enhanced value of self worth that would be realized by the People of Nevis when our own leader the Honorable Joseph Parry makes the call for Independence that would end an abusive colonial relationship with St. Kitts that provides little or no benefit to the People of Nevis. The litany of abuses is long.” We are a people without a voice or a seat at the United Nations, the World Bank, the IMF, CARICOM and other international bodies.” Those who claim to represent us, speak for us but continue to grab the benefits of that discourse for themselves.” It is de-humanizing.” It stunts our growth, prevents us from achieving our full potential and makes us all worse off, rather than better off. I urge our leaders to look at the faces, look at the outpouring of affection and recognition from around the world of this giant leap forward in the achievement of those who yearn to be free.”” Premier Parry, I urge you to ring the bell. WE ARE NOT LESS THAN THEM.