Dear Editor:

Perhaps the best advice that anyone can give a young person growing up when it comes to investing, is to buy some land. We have always encouraged our people to own a piece of the Rock. Sometimes people get angry when it is perceived that the land is being sold to foreigners and they wonder if any will be left for their children. This of course is a legitimate concern.

However, the right to sell or not to sell to a foreigner lies entirely with the landowner with the permission of government and he or she must weigh the pros and the cons of such action.

Lately, what we see happening is that this NRP-led administration has embarked on a campaign of acquiring (taking away) lands of local Nevisians who they feel have a liking for the CCM party or for that matter anyone else. This is a frightening phenomenon and we need to wake up and stop this communistic practice.

It is a fact that there are many non-nationals who own several acres of land in Nevis, but to date none of their land has been acquired by government. One could ask how come? Is it that there is something more sinister below the surface waiting to be revealed?

All of us would remember when the CCM-led administration decided to acquire the land for development purposes from Mr. Pinney, a non-national who does not live in Nevis, the NRP was up in arms criticizing the way it was done.

They said it should have been debated in Parliament and not at Cabinet. According to them it was the height of corruption. I now ask what has changed? Has corruption suddenly become incorruption, and as such acceptable, has it now become right because they are in government? Where are the people who ought to be talking out against this wrong have they too gone to sleep?

Lest you forget, in 14 years there was one piece of land that was acquired by the CCM government.(The Pinneys Estate which was not only for hotel development but also gave 140 acres of prime land for the use of local Nevisian) In a mere 13 months about 5 pieces of land have been acquired from local Nevisians some of whom had only one piece of land which they themselves were looking forward to develop.. What is the message that is being sent to us by our government in the sunshine? Is land ownership too good for Nevisians?

It must be noted that not only locals but quite a number of foreign investors are becoming very concerned and rightly so about the practices of this government as it relates to their acquiring land without the courtesy of a mere phone call.

The government would have been better advised to open negotiations with the owners of the disco in government road to purchase that property to satisfy their community center syndrome.

I say to all local land owners in Nevis beware, the NRP government is coming for you.

Stedmond Tross