A Piece Of The Federation In Brazil

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Dear SKN Observer 10 Oct, 2005

Hello from Brasil, or Bom Dia! as we say here.

Fred Davis from Morning Star reporting in.

While travelling to see the largest waterfalls on the planet at Iguacu, Parana State, Brasil I found a bit of Nevis St Kitts news.

The huge series of waterfalls more than a mile wide are located at the junction of the borders of Brasil, Argentina, and Paraguay in central South America. Also located there is the world’s largest hydro-electric generating facility at Itaipu, 14,000 megawatts!

Hello NEVLEC!! It is an amazing facility and in the visitor centre is a chart showing the number of visitors from different countries all over the world. I was surprised to note our St Kitts/ Nevis Flag and that there had been one visitor from our Island nation. I wonder who number one was, and hereby send you a picture of visitor number two!!

All the best, see you soon on ‘de rock’!

Fred Davis

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