Kenneth Williams

Editor in Chief

Dear Mr. Williams,

My name is Alice Murray and I am writing in regards to the article published in the „St. Kitts Nevis Observer‰ on the 16th June, 2006 concerning the death of my brother. I would like to state out right that this article is made up of half truths, lies and egregious and asinine errors on the part of two incompetent reporters Saju Ng‚alla and L.K. Hewlett. After reading this article, I spoke to my sister and we have discussed her conversation with the newspaper in detail. She is terribly upset with the story that was written by these reporters, saying every sentence was half-truth or full lie.  As proof, we see the lack of capability on the part of these reporters when looking at what my sister was supposed to have said. None of the quoted phrases resemble even a shred of what she communicated to your reporters. If your reporters intended to use quotations, it was not apparent, see as to how they did not even bring a tape recorder to accurately record my sisters‚ words. Unless your reporters have a photographic memory, which from the errors in the article, must not be true, they could not have possible been able to remember word for word the conversation between my sister and themselves. It is also obvious that absolutely no care or attention paid to what can only be called rumors „The Observer‰ is printing as fact. As stated in the article „According to reports from Anguilla, Jeremy was somehow involved in the stabbing murder of a taxi driver outside of a nightclub.‰ Had your inept staff been more attentive in their investigation of the facts, they would have found that no one was murdered during this altercation and that it was a matter of self-defense on the part of my brother. As if, Mr. Williams, this were not enough, these reporters publicly show their brainlessness by calling my brother by another name throughout the whole article, this alone should be enough evidence to make my case. Truly this newspaper was heartless in the way it chooses to spin the story, insinuating through the tone of the article that my brother was some kind of monster.  In fact, the monsters reside right in the offices of “The Observer”. Sadly, the means by which this article was written continues to prove your staff has no conscious. The two news reporters, knowing we have just suffered a terrible and sudden loss, continually harassed my sister to no end, climaxing their callousness and insensitivity by appearing uninvited at her private residence. Tell me Mr. Williams, to what depths is „The Observer‰ willing to descend to peddle copies of its‚ distasteful newsletter? We have come to the conclusion that not only did these reporters deliberately misconstrue my sister; they also fabricated parts of this story. Not to mention sir, they blatantly distorted of the facts for the sake of scandel and sales. I am notifying you that I intend to seek legal counsel to prosecute you, your reporters and your newspaper for libel, slander and misrepresentation of not only my brother but my family if these three conditions are not met immediately:

1) A full and public retraction of the story in your newspaper

2) A full and public apology in your newspaper, mentioning your reporters‚ misquotation of my sister throughout the article.

3) The public dismissal of the two reporters who wrote this false article I will be at your office tomorrow morning to continue discussions of the holes in this article and of our terms of reparation for this appalling treatment of my family during these difficult times. Mr. Williams, I urge you to seriously consider my family‚s demands. Though I cannot be sure, I can only hope that you were unaware of this situation and are more then willing to rectify it for the sake of your newspapers reputation. This article has brought the integrity and political impartiality of „The Observer‰ into question. Should you refuse, I will be forced to begin by printing this letter in other newspapers, at home and abroad, so that the public will know of this falsehood.

Thank you for your time and I genuinely hope we can come to an agreement about this situation.

Thank you,

Alice E. Murray

P.S. Please relay to Mr. Ng‚alla that I am personally upset and disappointed with him due to the fact that we are previously acquainted, with what I thought was a mutual amiability.  Please also let him know that this situation has left me with a less then positive image of him in my eyes and in the eyes of my family.