Loston Allan Nisbett, of Marian Avenue, charged with fireams posses, has posted $75,000 bail choosing a high court jury trial over magistrate court.

Nisbett who was charged on April 29 2017 was granted bail by the Magistrate’s court in Charlestown in May of that year; however he was unable to secure the sureties and had been remanded at Her Majesty’s Prison in St. Kitts.

Nisbett appeared before the Magistrate Yasmine Clarke last week and was asked where he would want his case tried, whether at the Supreme Court or the Magistrate he opted to have it heard at the High court where he will be judged by a 12 member jury.

Nisbett was arrested after a concerned citizen alerted the police to suspicious activities involving Allan. According to the police Nisbett was located in the Government Road area walking with the firearm in his hand, he was challenged by the officers and he ran.

A chase ensued and he was apprehended. The police were able to recover and seized one Smith and Wesson 40 caliber pistol. Nisbett was taken into custody, a subsequent search warrant was executed on his home at Marian Avenue and he was later charged.

The gun allegedly taken from Nisbett in 2017, was just one of the 47 firearms removed from the streets of St. Kitts and Nevis. The Police were also able to formally arrest and charge individuals for 38 of the firearms found.

This year seven firearms have been confiscated by police. The last firearm removed was February 15.