A number of men accused of serious offences and currently on remand at Her Majesty’s Prison in St. Kitts appeared at the Magistrate Court Tuesday for the scheduling of trials and preliminary inquiries.

One was Shakel Campbell of Craddock Road. Acting Police Prosecutor Joel Caines noted that investigations into an armed robbery in February at S. L. Horsford’s and Company Ltd (Nevis Centre) led to the arrest and subsequent charge of Campbell and is still ongoing.

Lawvington Forbes, charged with the murder Vincey Ferlance, 20, in April 2016 at a popular restaurant on Pinneys Beach, also appeared. Forbes applied for bail from both the Magistrate Court and the High Court, but denied both times. Police prosecutor noted that investigation into the matter had been completed and Magistrate Yasmine Clarke has set Forbes’ preliminary inquiry hearing for Nov. 23.

Lawton Forbes, brother of Lawvington Forbes, was arrested and formally charged with the offences of attempted murder, possession of an illegal firearm, possession of ammunition and smuggling of an illegal firearm into the federation. He blamed prosecution for stalling his case. He noted that his PI began some months prior and has been halted. The magistrate scheduled the continuing of his PI in the upcoming weeks.

Dwayne “Fireman” Freeman of Rawlins Village, Nevis, was jointly charged with his sister, Tasha Freeman, and his girlfriend, Watisha Browne, with the offences of possession of firearm, possession of ammunition, smuggling of firearm, possession of cannabis and possession of cannabis with intent to supply. Both women had received bail, however, Dwayne had not and appeared Tuesday in court. Police prosecution noted that they had not finished completing their investigation, but the magistrate opted for them to bring the case forward for the possession of cannabis and possession with intent to supply. The case is scheduled for the upcoming weeks.

Loston Allan Nisbett Jr. of Marian Avenue, Nevis, who had been charged with possession of an illegal firearm arm, appeared and has had his trial set for Oct. 31.

Other accused men who appeared in court were Alexandra Dias, Alston Phillip, Shakel Campbell, Kimo Shancho and Allen Broadelt.