By Zoe Bendeito


Nevis become the first choice of destination for makeup artist Eva Devirgilis, an award-winning actress and a speaker, to start off her world tour whereby she gave the presentation “In My Chair” July 14, during which a makeup session was conducted.

This presentation was specifically addressed to women and focused on the attitude women may have toward their appearances and how it may affect their development. Eva Devirgilis travels around the world on a mission to bond with women through the power of makeup that she uses as a tool to connect with them. She says she has become accustomed to women being apologetic for the way they look and of insecure clients who sit in her makeup chair. Her goal is to address the habit, break the cycle of apologies and to encourage women from around the world to be confident about who they are and of their appearances.

Devirgilis told the Observer said that Nevis is an “amazing island.”

“Yes, this is the first stop; it is an amazing island [and] I’m so excited,” she said. “This is kicking off my tour. I’m so grateful to this incredible island. Everyone has been amazing and kind and open. And the most important thing, I think, is just that we’re making a connection, that all women make a connection across the barriers of countries, across the barriers of race, across all socio-economic barriers; that women just speak up for each other and connect with each other and that’s my mission, for women to do more of that, and if makeup is my tool to help with that,” she said.

An attendee at the event, Nichole Lawrence, said she was asked to organize the event and that she had done her research on the speaker via Youtube to determine whether her presentation was something that lined up with what we needed on the island.

She mentioned that Devirgilis’ presentations on Youtube were a philosophy that could inspire women on the island, especially young girls who were getting into makeup and who seem to have an attachment to makeup and the body image and their self-confidence. Hence, she thought that the presentation would be something that would really be worthwhile.