Additional nine Community Wellness Centres offering Performance-Based Financing (PBF) Services

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St. Lucia – Given the burden of Diabetes and Hypertension in Saint Lucia, the Ministry of Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs last year, implemented the Performance-Based Financing (PBF) Pilot Program, which provides screening and treatment services for these diseases. Under the PBF Pilot Program, people who are not Diabetic or Hypertensive will receive the services of screening and risk assessment at NO COST. In addition, people who are Diabetic or Hypertensive will receive laboratory tests at NO COST. People who are 18 years and older are eligible to access these services.

Over the past few months, the PBF services have been available at the La Croix Maingot Wellness Centre, Jacmel Wellness Centre, Richfond Wellness Centre, Dennery Hospital, Mon Repos Wellness Centre, Desruisseaux Wellness Centre, La Fargue Wellness Centre and Soufriere Hospital.

As of Monday June 17, 2024, the PBF services of screening, risk assessment and laboratory tests are available at an additional nine Community Wellness Centres. These are: Anse La Raye Wellness Centre, Vanard Wellness Centre, Canaries Wellness Centre, Fond St. Jacques Wellness Centre, Etangs Wellness Centre, Mongouge Wellness Centre, Delcer Wellness Centre, Micoud Wellness Centre and Ti-Rocher Micoud Wellness Centre.

The Ministry of Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs encourages people residing in any of the 17 Community Wellness Centres to visit and access the health services available Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm.

Diabetic and Hypertensive clinics are scheduled on specific days of the week. Please find below the schedule for Diabetic and Hypertensive clinics at the PBF Participating Facilities:

Health RegionCommunity Wellness CentreClinic Day
Region 3Dennery HospitalEvery first Wednesday
Richfond Wellness CentreEvery 2nd and 3rd Wednesday
Region 4Desruisseaux Wellness CentreEvery Thursday
Mon Repos Wellness CentreEvery 1st and last Monday
Micoud Wellness CentreEvery 2nd and 4th Thursday
Ti-Rocher Micoud Wellness CentreEvery 2nd and 4th Monday
Region 6La Fargue Wellness CentreEvery Monday
Soufriere HospitalEvery Friday
Fond St. Jacques Wellness CentreEvery Monday
Etangs Wellness CentreEvery Tuesday
Mongouge Wellness CentreEvery Monday
Delcer Wellness CentreEvery Wednesday
Region 7Jacmel Wellness CentreEvery Tuesday
La Croix Maingot Wellness CentreEvery Monday
Anse La Raye Wellness CentreEvery Monday
Vanard Wellness CentreEvery Thursday
Canaries Wellness CentreEvery Monday


For more information, please contact the Project Implementation Unit within the Ministry of Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs at 468-6433 or 468-6434 or 286-7517 (call or Whatsapp) or email at

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