Ade’s Place Instructor Mrs Ynola Johnson (left) shows some of the craft items made by trainees to visitors during the 2019 Open Day.

Trainees at Ade’s Place in Basseterre’s Greenlands, a safe haven for adults with disabilities, are now successfully working on income generating projects and displayed an array of craft items they produced at the institution’s annual Open Day held Wednesday.

“It is the time when we put the skills and talents of the trainees on display,” said Ms. Clarice Cotton, a member of Ade’s Place Board of Directors. “We want to show the public what they have been working on, and some of the things that they have been learning.”

She said the variety of high-quality craft items showed Ade’s Place had fulfilled one of its goals, helping trainees fine-tune their talents.

“We want to thank the public; we want to thank government institutions like the Skills Training Empowerment Programme (STEP), and we want to thank the Embassy of the Republic of China on Taiwan for all their support over the years,” said Ms Cotton. “We could not be here without you. We want to thank the parents, and we just got a new partner on board, the Wesleyan Holiness Church — we want to say thank you for adopting Ade’s Place.”

Ms. LaToya Merchant, who chaired the day’s proceedings, noted, trainees have also been taught to save and all have been encouraged to open savings accounts at the St. Kitts Cooperative Credit Union.

“Many persons do not know, but we do recycling here,” added Ms. Merchant. “We actually collect plastic bottles and we bag them and we take them to Admiral’s (2008) Limited. So, the trainees are doing their part to help the environment.”

The Skills Training Empowerment Programme (STEP) was represented by Quality Assurance Coordinator and Consultant/Acting Director, Mr Emile Greene, and Field Coordinator Mr William Phillip.The programme took trainees at Ade’s Place on board its national training programme in 2017, where they are paid weekly stipends.

The Wesleyan Holiness Church had a delegation led by Superintendent of the Wesleyan Holiness Church St. Kitts, Nevis and Saba District, Rev Spencer Watts. Others were Pastor Rev Sylvester Herbert of the Basseterre and Conaree Wesleyan Holiness Churches and Mrs Sonia Herbert, and Pastor Renecia McDonald of Basseterre Wesleyan Holiness Church.

Others present included Mr Ruben Mogollon, First Secretary at the Embassy of Venezuela; Ms. Grace S.C. Wang from the Embassy of the Republic of China on Taiwan; Mrs. Joycelyn Archibald-Pennyfeather, Dean of Education at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College (CFBC); and Ms. Rosemarie Munroe, and Ms. Tamiqua Douglas from the St. Kitts Spectrum Centre.

Ade’s Place was set up in 2005 for students graduating from the Cotton Thomas Comprehensive School — adults with disabilities — to learn skills as an alternative to remaining at home. It was for one of the first trainees, Ade Chaderton, who was born with a condition called Cornelia De Lange Syndrome and passed away in 2005.