Aerobic exercise is one such form of exercise that can be a fun activity as well. Read on to know more about aerobic exercise and how it can be beneficial to us in many ways.

Aerobic exercise is a great way of keeping fit with a whole lot of fun ways! The benefits of aerobic exercise are many, the first and foremost, it helps in weight control. Exercise in any form is always good for your body. There are also various types of aerobic exercises that you can opt for as per your liking and comfort levels.

So, what exactly is Aerobic Exercise?

The definition of aerobic would simply mean ‘with oxygen’. Aerobic exercise helps to increase the heart rate and makes one breath deeply for a long period of time. This form of exercise helps the body to replenish the oxygen levels in the body. The best thing about aerobic exercise is that it provides cardiovascular conditioning. Here, due to the increased levels of breathing in this form of exercise, it increases the levels of oxygen that is available to the body. This helps the heart to use the oxygen in a more efficient manner. Aerobic exercise is the one such kind of exercise that is more beneficial for those who shudder from the thought of exercising. Aerobics makes it easier for a person to choose the kind of fitness regime that would best suit him/her as per the interests of the person. The benefits of aerobic exercise are such that it helps the body to deliver the right amount of oxygen content to the muscles, which can be used for energy.

What are the kind of activities that are associated with Aerobic Exercise?

Well, the one thing you would need to know is that aerobic exercise does not require any equipment. Aerobic exercise is one of the easiest and also the most enjoyable form of exercise you can ever try. Here are a few examples of common types of aerobic exercise:

*          Walking

*          Swimming

*          Cycling

*          Rowing

*          Dancing (Jazz dance-A personal favorite!)

*          Running

*          Skipping (with the help of a rope)

*          Jogging

*          Bike riding

*          Skateboarding

*          Ice Skating

*          Tennis

What are the benefits of Aerobic Exercise?

Aerobic exercise helps you feel better and adds a positive approach towards life. It not only helps you to maintain your weight, but it gives a large boost to your mood and also helps to strength your heart muscles.

Regular aerobic exercise can help you to increase the oxygen levels in the body and transport it throughout the body. Aerobic exercise also improves the cardiovascular conditioning. It also helps to lower the blood pressure.

You will also see an increase in the resistance power and increase in the levels of the energy. Aerobic exercise helps to keep the body toned and fit. It gets rid of anxiety and depressive behavior in a person with the help of releasing endorphins in the body that creates the feeling of well being in a person.

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