By L.K. Hewlett

St. Kitts Reporter

A fight between two young men erupted on Church Street on Wednesday afternoon left one bloodied and a nearby vehicle dented and spattered with blood.

The fight occurred around 2 p.m. in full view of pedestrians and employees at business places nearby.

The Observer spoke with one of the young men, Josh Desuza, who said he was attacked and had to defend himself.

“I was by Fancy Loaf buying my lunch when this guy named Naldo Rawlins passed by and started calling me ‘P*ssy Josh’. I didn’t study him but he kept saying it. He left and came back a few minutes later, talking on his cell phone, and started saying it again and put his hand in my face. I went back into the bakery and he still interfere with me. I started to block a blow he threw and an ex-cop came and tried to part the fight,” the nineteen-year-old said.

According to Desuza, the man who tried to part the fight mistakenly thought he was the aggressor and held him in a lock. Meanwhile he said, Rawlins was still firing blows at him.

Both men went their separate ways and upon relating the story to his boss, Desuza said he was advised to report the incident to the police. As he and his boss made their way to the police station, a young man he recognised as Rawlins’ friend Jamie came down Church Street and accosted him.

“I saw the person in a CFB uniform coming towards me and then I realised it was Naldo boy Jamie. He step up to me and start putting his hand in my face saying ‘I tell you don’t mess with my boy’ and then he boxed me. I fell down on the sidewalk and when I was trying to get back up I glimpsed a scissors in his hand. I knock him and the scissors drop. Later my boss said he stepped on the scissors so none of us could use it. Then we start to wrestle and I realise my nose was bleeding,” Desuza recounted.

According to the teen, when Jamie saw policemen approaching, he ran off toward the College Street Ghaut.

The bloodied young man was taken to the hospital and filed a police report. When asked if he had any beef with either of the two men, Desuza said it all stemmed from an incident at a party two years ago. He said that since then Rawlins had always threatened him whenever they crossed paths.

The owner of the white jeep that was damaged during the skirmish said he was appalled at the behaviour of the young men. His vehicle was parked on Church Street in front of the PAM secretariat. The businessman said the blood spattered across his fender and bonnet was the least of his problems. The side of the vehicle had a large dent and a hanging side reflector.

“It’s shameful that young men fighting in school uniforms and just 50 feet from a church. These young people have no regard for anyone or anything. I don’t really care why they were fighting, all