A simple walk through the Streets of Basseterre, St. Peters, The Village, Sandy Point, Charlestown, anywhere in the Federation for that matter and the stirrings of the citizens would let one know that political tensions are perhaps higher than they’ve ever been in the nation’s history. The populace has always been extremely polarized when it comes to politics; one is either PAM or Labour in St. Kitts or CCM or NRP in Nevis. The emergence of the PLP and the call for a Unity government has thrown a monkey wrench into the political engine. The Prime Minister continues to ignore not one but two Motions of No Confidence in his administration and the citizenry are no longer prepared to accept this. The demonstrations against the government are growing in numbers each week; thousands are marching in the rain; willing to fight for democracy in their country. The Prime Minister and his Amen corner continue to flaunt their disregard for the constitution and the rights and wishes of the majority which is only adding to fuel to an already blazing fire. The people of Nevis fought for a year and a half to elect the government of their choosing in January. Now the people of St. Kitts have stepped up and are demanding the Prime Minister and his band of merry yes-men go to the polls. With every trick, semantic and outright hijacking of the constitution that the Prime Minister and his political appointees use, the people become more enraged. While all sides are advocating for a non-violent resolution, the people may feel they have no choice but to remove the bottle and stone government by the same means they put them in power. Denying the people their right to elect a government of their choice after the majority say they have lost confidence in Dr. Douglas et al is akin to incitement. The people have marched peacefully, they have even tried the courts, and now they are being told the boundaries will be changed to manufacture a win for the very party they say must go. How are the people expected to react? Opposition supporters see that the Prime Minister has the Commissioner like a puppet on a string and the armed forces under his command have demonstrated that it will use force against all who oppose the government and will protect only those who support it. The people have been so angered that they may respond to this show of force with a wrath of their own; a situation no one wants…or do they? Is there a sinister plot by the powers that be to rile the people into violent revolt to further their claim that the Opposition is inciting violence? Was this why Lindsay Grant was pulled from the crowd by an officer, manhandled by police and thrown into a waiting police van and arrested? The police were armed with handguns and assault weapons to secure Government Headquarters after working hours from peaceful protesters; is that how CG Walwyn was trained in the US to respond to unarmed citizens? Even in war-torn countries police respond to rioting civilians with non-lethal weapons such as teargas and rubber bullets. The business community, the churches, all of civil society have called on the Prime Minister to end this stand-off with the people and table the motion yet he laughs in their faces. The situation has untenable and inevitably something will have to give.