This may not make US President Donald Trump happy, but he has achieved an America first standing…the highest murder rate in the Caribbean. According to latest figures from the World Development Bank and the World Economic Forum the US Virgin Islands has toppled Jamaica from the number one spot as the most homicide prone territory with 52.64 killings based on 100,000 population.

St. Kitts and Nevis is in third place among Caribbean island nations with 33.55 murders per 100,000, and in ninth place worldwide. The two murders already this year on Nevis doesn’t offer a good omen for the future, as does the fact most of the nations are in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Both Federation Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris and new Nevis Premier have pledged to wage a war on violent crime. These figures will give them food for thought. By comparison look at the UK figure of less than one murder per 100,000.

The following is a list of the 20 highest murder prone nations worldwide based on 100,000 population. No. 21 is the UK comparison statistic.

    1. El Salvador-108.64
    2. Honduras-63.75
    3. Venezuela-57.15
    4. US Virgin Islands-52.64
    5. Jamaica-43.21
    6. Lesotho-38
    7. Belize-34.4
    8. South Africa-34.27
    9. Saint Kitts and Nevis-33.55
    10. Guatemala-31.21
    11. Trinidad and Tobago-30.88
    12. Bahamas-29.81
    13. Anguilla (UK)-27,66
    14. Brazil-26.74
    15. Colombia-26.5
    16. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines-25.61
    17. Saint Lucia-21.56
    18. Montserrat (UK)-20.39
    19. Tuvalu-20.28
    20. Guyana- 19.42
    21. UK (for comparison)- .92