American Students Urged To Pay Off Debt By Joining Ukrainian Forces In Twitter Fake Post.

Photo credit: X(Twitter).
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Recently seen on X,  the messaging platform formerly known as Twitter, was a fake recruitment campaign attributed to the United States and Ukraine governments. A picture of a fake recruitment leaflet urges indebted students in the U.S. to go fight in Ukraine.

The leaflet, bearing the emblem of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a U.S. phone number, shows a young person sitting on the floor, back to a wall, with his arms crossed and head down.

It is captioned:

“How to Pay off Your Student Loans? Join the International Legion for the Defence of Ukraine.” (Note the creator’s use of the British English spelling of “defen[c]e” vs the U.S. spelling of “defen[s]e”.)

The alleged advertisement promises “international volunteer status,” “medical insurance” and “monthly payments.”

Some verified X accounts reposted the image repeating the Russian disinformation line that poverty or financial strain is enticing American citizens to go fight and die in Ukraine.

For example, verified X user Russian Monitor, self-identified as a “Media and News Company,” (not to be confused with the Warsaw Institute propaganda research initiative Russia Monitor in Poland ) shared the image and wrote:

“As the meat grinding continues in Ukraine with an attendant massive losses for the Ukrainian military and its NATO mercenaries, The US [h]as launched an Indirect recruitment campaign amongst student, urging them to pay their ‘student loan’ by joining the Ukrainian army as an Alternative.”

Recruiting or hiring someone to serve in a foreign military on U.S. soil may constitute a federal crime.

By the time of this writing, X had already suspended Russian Monitor’s account.

Sources: VOA, X (Twitter).
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