Americans Celebrating Biden Victory, But Trump Not Toast Yet, As Slow Vote Count Continues In Marginals.

Donald Trump grabs Fox News host Laura Ingraham by the shoulders. She has advised him his legacy will be tarnished if he refuses to concede. Photograph: SMG/REX/Shutterstock
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UNITED STATES OF AMERICA–November 7th, 2020–The US general election is all over bar the shouting, except that there is still a lot of shouting going on. However, as the last handful of states carefully tally their votes, it does appear that Biden is leading narrowly in each of these ‘holdout’ states and unlikely that Trump can win the 270 electoral votes necessary to retain the tenancy of the White House for four more years.

Jumping the Gun?

Lack of a final result has not stopped some Biden supporters from holding victory parties–after all, this is the weekend.

Even the Rupert Murdoch-owned Fox News TV propaganda outfit which has led an orchestrated campaign in favor of Trump for the last four years, seems to have changed its tune and is now openly preparing its viewers for a Trump defeat–and no doubt preparing itself for the post-election market in TV commercial sales–and have urged Trump to act with ‘grace’.

The new messaging appears to be closely coordinated, and it includes an appeal to Trump to preserve his “legacy” by showing grace in defeat. The message is being carried on Fox News and in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post – all outlets avidly consumed by Trump himself, especially Fox.

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