With only days to go until Nevisians head to the polls, nine of the 10 candidates running for leadership positions with the Nevis Island Administration have failed to answer substantive questions about our island’s future.

Only Vance Amory, Premier of Nevis and leader of the Concerned Citizens Movement, has responded to a three-question survey The Observer submitted to all ten of the candidates

Amory Answers

How will you improve education?

Our education system is the same as that in St. Kitts. Education is provided

to our youths from pre ˆschool to tertiary level. We provide and will

continue to provide opportunities to enable our youths to study abroad. Long

distance learning is now available at the UWI center. There are adult and

continuing education programs . There are opportunities for school dropouts

to attain O levels by studying individual subjects

What will you do to improve the family?

We understand that no one person or entity can be blamed for the current

situation we find ourselves in regarding our youths and the lifestyles they

take up. As a government we have put several things in place to try and

combat some of the issues that play a role in our youths becomin g at risk.

We will continue to provide parenting classes, and there is a social

development program for young people. We also sponsor discussional programs

and mentoring programs. We have no juvenile home, however we are looking

into that possibility. We are pursuing the possibility of providing

counselling opportunities in communities where there are at-risk youth. We

are pursuing the possibility of providing the opportunity to at-risk youth

to receive guidance and improve themselves and their social skills

What must be done to improve agriculture?

The agriculture sector here is growing. However, we are not satisfied with

its growth. We think that there is room for more growth. We will provide

incentives for farmers. There are government technical staff to aid

farmers. District officers are in the communities to assist local farmers

and educate them enabling them to improve their livestock and production.