Amory hands over baton to Brantley

CCM has new leader

By Monique Washington

The Honourable Vance Amory officially handed over the leadership of the Concerned Citizens Movement to the Hon. Mark Brantley Sunday at the party’s convention held at the Nevis Performing Arts Centre.

The CCM’s convention ratified the party’s constitution and the final voting on the party’s executives. Brantley was successfully voted new leader of the party. Eric Evelyn is officially the new candidate for the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) in St. George, Gingerland. Hazel Brandy-Williams is the party’s chair, Keith Scarborough is deputy chairperson, Lorna Hunkins is secretary, Oscar Walters  is treasurer and Timothy Caines is public relations officer.

Before handing over the symbolic hammer, Amory said that his years in politics were simply to serve the people of Nevis. “I did everything I did in this political arena simply because I love the people of Nevis,” he said. “I wanted to serve them. That was really the key; only to serve the people of Nevis. If I have served the people and if I served them well, it was due to the fact that you allowed me to serve you. Whatever I have accomplished, I have done it the help of the people of Nevis and the colleagues who are a part of the CCM from the very beginning up to this point.”

Amory said that now he has become the chief servant of the people of Nevis and the chief servant of the CCM party. He added that the new premier has Amory’s support as well as that of the other members and supporters of the party. Brantley, in response, thanked Amory for his years of service to the people of Nevis.

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