NRP and CCM representatives verbally sparred over government debt last week at a Charlestown town hall meeting. Hon. Deli Caines, press secretary for the NRP, accused the current CCM-led Nevis Island Administration of agreeing to a land-for-debt swap with the St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank. She read from documents which she referred to as “memorandum or resolution papers”and said they were signed by several CCM ministers. “Are you not only agreeing to what the Hon. Parry did but also expanding on it?’she asked. Premier Amory countered that the papers from which she read indicated that the NIA would uphold a deal with the National Bank that had been crafted by the previous administration. “When we got into government in January, we were met with a situation which was already a fait accompli, he said, by way of an explanation. “We have been negotiating around this matter trying to deal with this debt trap in which we were sunk.”Amory said the NIA was $60 million in debt to the National Bank when his administration took office earlier this year. He said his administration has decreased that debtr somewhat but would like to seek a $5 million loan from the National Bank to ‘spend for Nevis.””I get a sense that the NRP administration, having dumped Nevis into a debt trap, and having agreed to that document signed on the 18 of April 2012, is now seeking to transfer the responsibility for that agreement to CCM,”he said. “We are now negotiating with the National Bank a way … to figure out a way to extricate Nevis from that debt trap.”After the premier finished speaking, a member of the audience and long-time government aid, stood and read from a document signed by the previous administration that leveraged 239 acres in Stockpen Estate as collateral to refinance $50 million of debt to the National Bank.