The Publisher/Editor-in-Chief:

You took me by surprise in your last edition of this fair and balanced medium where you stated your existence of twelve years on the island of Nevis and serving the Federation and now the entire world via the Internet. I most applaud you for rescuing Nevis from that dark tunnel and shedding some brig ht light which was desperately needed from our print media.

Far too long we were forced to read two other papers within the Federation which were the Labour Spokesman and the Democrat, I use the word “forced” because back then, we didn’t have much of an option. We had to still bear for those of us who remains an ardent supporter of the papers the petty, nasty politics that represents the main political parties in St. Kitts. It continues to be pathetic.

This is not an endorsement to your newspaper but one must give credit where credit is due. There are times when I do not agree with your editorial remarks but overall you strike it fair and balanced and you must be commended. I can only imagine what the past twelve years have been for you. Not only ideological attacks but also economic attacks when you decided to take a stand on issues – burning ones I might add.

I implore you to continue presenting new rationales for journalistic professionalism and independence. Do not get caught up about journalistic “objectivity” and instead keep prompting the concept of journalistic integrity.

May God continue to bless you as you continue to be the eyes and the ears of all Nevisians at home and abroad.

Mervin Hanley