Andi & Miquita Oliver Front New BBC Series On Caribbean

St. John's, Antigua and Barbuda town skyline on Redcliffe Quay at dusk. Photo: iStock
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Andi and Miquita Oliver are reconnecting with their Antiguan roots in a new BBC Two series. The first episode of “The Caribbean with Andi and Miquita” aired Monday.

“This is the proudest I’ve ever been of any work I’ve ever done. Our team was incredible, every single person put their whole heart, soul,and body into this and we are so grateful to have the opportunity to dive into such extraordinary work,” Oliver said in an Instagram post.

“It’s safe to say neither Keets or I will ever be the same again! Talk about yer life changing adventure!!!!”

In an interview with News Concerns, Oliver said that her parents grew up on different ends of the same street in the Antiguan capital, St John’s and they met for the first time at a club in Leicester.

Oliver’s first visited the twin islands when she was 11-year-old and it was a birthday gift from her mother.

“The Caribbean with Andi and Miquita” is directed by Errol Ettienne and it will also feature Afro-Britons who have given up life in London and returned peace and sunshine in Antigua.

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