Dear Editor,

I have a concern I would like you to put into the paper. I think people in St. Kitts need a new movie theatre. The one we have now in my opinion is not good enough. A new movie theatre with maybe three to five big screens and with the latest technology to provide the best sound is what the people want. I’m saying this because I think with competition this would force people to fix up their place and give the people a good product.

When you have the monopoly, you really don’t care. You simply give people what you feel like giving them. Remember SKANTEL!!

I want to know who makes the decision for what movie get shown at the Movies. The movies that have been showing there are terrible. I might as well go and buy a boot-leg copy of the movie I am interested in seeing on the street, and deal with the inferior quality. We need another movie theatre so that people can have more options in deciding what they want to see.

I have heard rumors that some business people want to put up a movie theater but the Government is stopping them. I hope this is not true. It cannot be true. In a case like this I would think the Government would even offer incentives to get the business going. You ask anybody on the street and everyone will agree that a new movie theatre is needed. Maybe even in Nevis, but certainly one in St. Kitts.

A nice location would probably be in Sandy Point. We need to start looking at the country as viable area for night time entertainment for people who more than willing to spend money on having a good time. I’m talking about the type of entertainment places that people who go to Tigers, Crystals and BET Soundstage would enjoy. We need more of those places in the county.

But first build that new movie theatre, people have had enough and we want something better than what is offered now.