The McKnight area continues to be the epicenter of recent gun-crime activities in St. Kitts, the latest to fall victim being a 20-yr-old Fort Thomas Road resident. At about 10 p.m. June 5th, Anthony ‘Bounty” Williams was gunned down in a calculated execution when a masked gunman opened fire on him as he sat relaxed at the lower end of Salt Pond Alley. He received shots to his chest, abdomen and leg, and although police transport rushed him to the JNF Hospital, he lost the battle for life during surgery. No suspects have been charged for this the 13th homicide for the year so far and residents of that area are extremely fearful considering the recent upsurge of gun crimes in their community. The past weeks have been particularly active with shooting incidents, the most recent leaving two young men from Fort Thomas Road wounded. One resident told The Observer that what was even more frightening than the actual shootings was the fact that so many murderers were roaming the streets. “All you hear is that police investigating. You not hearing they lock up nobody for these murders. That means all these killers walking between us everyday armed and ready to take another life and we don”t have a clue if it’s the person standing next to us,”the man said. Prime Minister Hon. Denzil Douglas addressed the issue of rising violent crime earlier this week, saying it was issue that both the community and the government must tackle. “The government is not relaxed in its efforts to ensure that this continues to be on the front burner; that every family, every community, every actively organized group, every sector of the country is attuned to the need to tackle the criminal activities in the country together. Not only must it be left to the government or the security forces, it is something that all of us must do. And I want to again ask the police, the security forces generally to work together, to get into the hotspots; make sure that we can bring the confidence back to our communities that the police are in charge and not those who are criminals in our communities. “We have to make sure that we however remain focused and not put crime into the party and political stance that some people are trying to put it these days.”