Anquilla: Newly Created Party in Surprize Near Landslide Poll Win

The Anguilla Progressive Movement
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The British Overseas Territory of Anguilla is undergoing an important political change with the victory of a newly created organization led by Dr. Ellis Lorenzo Webster, in the elections held Tuesday, June 30. Known as the Progressive Movement of Anguilla (MPA) it took seven of the 11 seats in parliament.

The win denied former Premier Victor Banks and the Anguilla United Front a second term in office.

Founded in 2019 with Dr. Webster at the helm, the APM claims to understand that the foundation of a great society means investing in and empowering its people.

Prior to Monday’s election, Dr. Webster and the other APM candidates promised to build a robust and viable economy based on the effective management of the island’s resources.

“We are determined to let our society be judged the same way all great societies are judged, by the way, it takes care of its very young and it’s elderly. We shall set about to build not just another society but a just, fair and flourishing society.”

It came as a surprise to many that Banks, a parliamentarian with over forty years of experience was unable to secure enough votes to win his seat as parliamentary representative for District 4.

In what some are describing as the penultimate upset of this election, he was defeated by a newcomer to the political arena, Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers.

The now 27-year-old who was crowned Miss Anguilla in 2017 and two years ago, Miss Universe Great Britain, seems to have captured the hearts and minds of the people yet again.

She posted on Facebook: “No society can develop if it does not actively listen to and empower its young people. no society can grow by denying its youth a seat at the table. we are too vast a source of ideas, of innovation, of skills of solutions. We are too loud a voice to be silenced.”

This election is said to be the most interesting in the country’s history, made more so by the fact that for the first time, votes were counted electronically.

Despite his party’s apparent victory, APM leader Dr. Webster requested a recount in Districts 2, 3 and 7 which were won by the Anguilla United Front.

The results of the recount aren’t yet known.

The Premier-elect and leader of the Anguilla Progressive Movement Dr. Webster is scheduled to make a statement on their victory at the polls later today.

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