Antiguan QC Pegged As New DPP For St. Kitts-Nevis Jermine Abel Acting DPP to be appointed in interim The Observer has it on good standing that a Queens Counsel from Antigua will be the new Director of Public Prosecutions for St. Kitts and Nevis. The Federation is presently without a lead prosecutor following a legal dispute between the former DPP Travers Sinanan and the Attorney General. Sinanan’s contract ended in July, however the Trinidadian attorney refused to demit office, saying he was constitutionally protected to hold the post until the age of 60. The matter was settled Monday , on the day the suit was set to go to trial in the high court. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. Attorney General Vincent Byron Jr. said with the Sinanan matter disposed of, the government was now free to begin the process of having a new DP appointed. Asked whether the Sinanan fiasco would influence how the government goes about entering into a contractual arrangement with the new DP’s terms of employment, AG Byron said a contract was need to set out the individual’s salary and allowances etcetera. “Once you will appoint somebody you have to have a determination as to the terms and conditions under which they will perform.” In the meantime, the AG says he will move to have an Acting DPP appointed. “I’m hoping today [ Monday ] to engage the Judicial Legal Service Commission in St. Lucia to propose someone for them to make an appointment in an acting capacity…and that person will act on a temporary basis while we advertize, not only in St. Kitts and Nevis but throughout the region for a more permanent appointment for a Director of Public Prosecutions,” he told The Observer. ABG Byron said the DP’s office will be strengthened by the appointment of a Special Counsel. “We are looking for someone of experience to give us some support in the interim.” He said Special Counsel have been appointed before previous DPPs have engaged senior counsel to come and do certain cases. “It’s not the first time. From time to time a DPP can give what you might call his fiat…to allow a person to act under his control to prosecute. In that regard we’ll look for somebody senior with experience who could assist us with this backlog [of criminal cases] and some very difficult cases that we’ve had for some time now, to dispose of them.” Up until Thursday (Sept 24) no official announcement had been regarding the appointment of an Acting DPP despite the September Criminal Assizes having begun on Tuesday . The government has however, already proposed an individual to the JLSC for consideration for the interim post.