Dear Editor:

From the middle of last month, passengers using the ferry service have to give their names when purchasing tickets on the ferry service between the two islands of St. Kitts and Nevis. I think it is a half-baked idea because no one asks for an ID when stating ones name so anyone could really give any name he chooses.

What is worse, the bad manners of some people rushing up to their friends standing in line to buy tickets continues, but it makes the waiting for those having already waited patiently in line even longer nowadays with the name requests in place.

It happened to me the other day in St. Kitts that the man 2 or 3 places in front of me was asked to purchase 4 extra tickets for his “friends” but when it was his turn, he could not remember how to spell their names and he had to shout back at them to ask them for the correct spelling. It took several minutes for the cashier to take down the names of all 6 travellers and it became too much for many waiting in the line and some began to loudly express their displeasure of these practices.

Another consequence: Now that the boat owners strictly control tickets for the passages according to the actually permitted number of seats, such practices might prevent people who have stood in line earlier, being denied acquiring tickets by such people having obtained their tickets the “tricky, quite unauthorized” way.  We should therefore not tolerate such behaviour, lest alone do it ourselves.

P.S. I do not understand why the same procedure is not enforced for the Seabridge. They sell tickets for the cars/drivers and the passengers, and on 25/2 my friends travelling as passengers were certainly not asked to state their names.

William G. Bosshard

Jones Estate, Nevis