Latin America Hunger: The U.N. World Food Program is warning that upward of at least 14 million people could go hungry in Latin America as the pandemic shutters people in their homes, dries up work and cripples economies. Signs of mounting hunger are already being felt around the region, where desperate citizens are violating quarantines to go out in search of money and food, reports Christine Armario from Colombia.

More from the AP Global team:

  • India’s Plagues: Coronavirus, extreme heat and locust swarms have all descended on the Indian capital, drawing biblical comparisons. Taking advantage of easing lockdown restrictions, more people are seeking relief from boiling hot living spaces in newly reopened parks and markets, even as virus cases soar by the thousands daily, reports Emily Schmall from New Delhi. Infections are now past 150,000 in total nationwide.
  • South Korea’s New Infections: The country has reported its biggest jump in cases in more than 50 days. Health officials say the resurgence is getting harder to track and social distancing and other steps need to be taken. Dozens of infections were linked to an e-commerce warehouse that may not have used prevention measures.
  • Protecting Civilians: The president of the International Committee of the Red Cross says it has recorded 208 COVID-19-related attacks against health workers and installations when they are needed most in 13 countries since March. It’s a striking contrast to the cheers and clapping in gratitude for their work in many nations.
  • One Good Thing: If it hadn’t been for Igor Loparic and his charity, many in the northern Croatian Istria region wouldn’t be able to cope. Lopardic’s Our Dream Their Smile group has helped people in the tourism-dependent area in the Adriatic survive as the outbreak closed down borders, shutting down hotels, restaurants and other businesses that normally thrive.
  • Future of Dining: Some restaurant owners are seeking to welcome back in-person dining, but in a way that adheres to social distancing rules. One Parisian restaurant is trying out enclosing each diner at a table in clear plastic shields that are suspended from the ceiling. The shields, which look like lampshades, are meant to ease any anxiety of returning patrons.