Are You A Fool?

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Every week I am saddened at the sight of more broken cars.  Saddened because they need not have been mashed up – with just a little thought and common sense.

The reason they got this way was because their drivers were tail-gating – you know, following another car far too close, so if that car needs to stop suddenly because there is a child, a donkey, some goats or whatever in the road – so that car brakes hard and the car behind is too close to react in time – and the next one and the next one and the next one . .all TOO CLOSE..

Christmas at Cotton Ground hill – 4 cars all very expensively broken.  I was told one was a brand new car and the lady owner was heart-broken.  All her hard work and scrimping and savings and the car was wrecked.  One week later, just round the corner another 3 cars and a bus – Happy Holidays?

In UK there is a simple message – “Only a fool break the two second rule” – that is, you see the car infront pass a tree or some other mark  by the road – then you say to yourself “Only a fool break the two second rule” . . and if you get to that mark before you finish saying it – you are the fool and you are too close because it takes 2 seconds to say it.

And think about it – if you follow this rule you will arrive at your destination just two seconds later – but with your beautiful car intact!

So say it to yourself – say it out loud for your loved ones to hear, let them know you are protecting them – or if you are a passenger let the driver know they are too close . . just say out loud . .


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