Army man and Police Officer taken into custody for allegedly robbing a business man

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By Monique Washington

Four months after allegedly robbing Michael “Boy” Daniel, a police officer and an army  man have been arrested in connection with the incident.

The Observer was able to confirm the arrests at press time with  Police  Public Relations Officer  Grell Browne .Browne noted that the men  have not yet been charged “

The incident involving Michael Boy Daniel and the Police and army men occurred in January.

Daniel claims that he was sleeping in his jeep one night when he awoke with someone searching him. He claims that at the time there was US $600 in his wallet and when the person threw the wallet back ,the money was gone. He further states that when he got out of his vehicle he noticed that one of the men had on army clothing and a long gun and the other had one wore dark colored clothes with the words “police” in the back.

In his statement, he said the men attempted to drive off but he jumped on the back of the pickup.

Continuing he alleges that the officer told him “if you want to die tonight we gone kill you”

Daniels states that when the vehicle took off from Rawlins with him in the back he thought they would have taken him to the Gingerland police station, but when they got to Market Shop and the vehicle did not make a left turn he knew something was wrong. He noted that the vehicle was driving very fast.

Daniel’s  statement to the police  states that the police vehicle eventually crashed and he went  flying off and landed on the ground .He said that the officer threatened to open fire .He noted that eventually he made it to a friend’s house who suggested that he not stay at his own  home that night. He claims that he did not and in the morning sought his attorney Dr.Henry Browne QC and made a formal report to the police station.

As of print time the names of the arrested men have not been made public


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