Aruba Police Department And Aruba Public Prosecutor’s Office Met During Seminar

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ORANJESTAD – Recently, the Aruba Police Department and the Aruba Public Prosecutor’s Office organized the seminar Working Together.

In this way, the Aruba Police Force and the Public Prosecutor’s Office got to know each other better. It was a seminar where various criminal investigation departments came into direct contact with the staff of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, as well as with the prosecutors and vice versa.

It was a seminar where representatives from both organizations got to know each other better and learned more about work, processes, management each organization does, and potential collaborations.

Chief of Police, Mr. Ramon Arnhem, opened the seminar, followed by Commissioner Robert Candelaria, who is in charge of the Criminal Investigation Department.

The criminal investigation coordinators and leaders of the police criminal investigation team, legal officers, and prosecutors from the Public Prosecutor’s Office led the seminar.

It is the beginning of this seminar, and it will continue in November this year.

Staff from both organizations were satisfied at the end of the day. Both organizations were able to interact and get to know each other better in a different context.

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