Aruba’s Social Security Bank Launches App For Workers In Private Sector

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ORANJESTAD – Recently, the Social Security Bank (SVb) launched an App for workers in the private sector.

This app is to improve the service and efficiency of workers. Now workers have direct contact with SVb, print declarations, call in sick, and consult their digital work and illness days history. The workers can also check if their salary information is correctly registered.

It entails a modern service to all insured workers through innovation and technology. With this app, the SVb will function more efficiently and transparently for the workers. SVb has 43.00 private sector workers registered in its system, and the intention is for all these workers to download the app and register.

The Minister of Tourism and Health, Dangui Oduber, congratulates the director, Mr. Edwin Jacob, the SVb team for realizing this project that benefits the community.

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