Mr. Elvin Bailey Supervisor of Election

By Monique Washington

The public will on Wednesday be able to view and scrutinize the Annual voters list which is scheduled to be released January 31.

According to an article issued by The Electoral Office and published in  last week’s edition of the Observer, the Annual register of voters is published for public scrutiny. The publication will contain all registered  voters including  new voters as of December 2015 to November 2016. According to the article “that list should not contain names of persons who have died within the period nor those commonwealth citizens who have repatriated, it may also not contain the names of persons whose registration was successfully challenged and who did not seek re registration.”

Seeking clarification the Observer contacted the Supervisor of elections Mr. Elvin Bailey. He noted the importance of the annual list and the public’s right to object to persons who may not be living where they say they live.

“The change of address is the critical one,” Bailey  said.  He continued .“because it puts you in a constituency where you may or may not be,” he said.

Bailey noted that though a person may move, they are given 12 months to transfer their names before it is objected to.

“You have 12 months, so if an objection is made within the 12 moths we will do a transfer instead of an objection,” he explained.

“We do not want to disenfranchised anybody we just want to make sure that you are doing the right thing and that nobody is manipulating you and put you where you are not supposed to be,” he said.

Bailey pointed out that a monthly list  is placed at two polling divisions in every constituency and so is the annual register of voters. He noted that the two lists are always available for public scrutiny however, the final voters list is not.

“ On the Final list you cannot object to that list, it comes out only when an election is called. The list cannot be produced in advanced and can only be produced after an election is called” ,The Supervisor Of Election  said.

He added that when the ARV is produced and persons names do not appear, they should approach the electoral office to make a query.