The 3-year sentence a young man nicknamed “Assassin”received for gun possession is not sitting well with some persons in the justice system. 28-year-old Thuan “Assassin”Audain of Haynes Smith Village was convicted for the offences of Possession of Firearm and Ammunition, which was committed on April 20, 2014 and was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment. He will only serve two years and seven months in jail as time spent on remand was subtracted. A member of the criminal justice system registered his disappointment with the sentence, saying it was too lenient for the nature of the offence. “Three years for a loaded gun? Might as well they had give him back and say ‘sorry for the inconvenience,”he decried. The individual said when a person is found in possession of an illegal weapon, their intention for its use is unmistaken. “Look at who they are finding with guns. They aren’t police or army; they aren’t security; they have no businesses; they have no high-ranking job or official position; they have no gun license. In other words, they don’t have these guns for security purposes so take one guess what these bad elements in society plan to use these illegal guns for,”he said. The source said when criminals get slaps on the wrists in court, it does not serve as a deterrent to committing future offences and sends a message that if you commit a crime, you “do a little time”and go free. “If I am a criminal or thinking about committing a crime and I figure if I get caught I will get a year or two or so in jail, then to me it’s worth it. Most are repeat guests at Her Majesty’s Prison, so these light sentences are a walk in the park for them.”He continued, “With all the murders and shootings and armed robberies going on right now, when they catch these young men with guns they should be given the maximum sentence allowable, not set them free in a few months to terrorize and kill again. It also diminishes the work of police and prosecutors; it’s like their work to get these people off the streets is almost for naught.”Audain was one of 6 persons wounded in a July 2010 shooting in an alley on St. Johnston Avenue. In March of 2011, Audain was shot in the leg when he and another male were in the vicinity of Rasba’s Pizza Parlour on St. Johnston Avenue.