Assoc. of Judges Feel Bolsonaro Incapable of Leading Brazil

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Brasilia, Apr 20 (Prensa Latina) The Association of Judges for Democracy (AJD) considered that President Jair Bolsonaro is incapable of leading Brazil, after his participation in rallies against the Supreme Federal Court and other democratic institutions.

In a press release, the AJD criticized Sunday’s demonstrations in Brasilia in favor of the Institutional Act Number Five (AI-5) and against the democratic institutions, with the participation of ‘the president of the Republic, who again revealed his incapacity to lead the country during a period of pandemic’.

In his speech, Bolsonaro encouraged hundreds of supporters who were bearing flags and signs requesting a military intervention and a new AI-5 (an arbitrary suspension of constitutional guarantees during the dictatorship) to shut down the Congress.

For the judges, it is ‘unacceptable that the head of State promotes crowds, as that clearly increases the risks against people’s life.’

They noted that ‘our population needs social protection, physical isolation and a leader who recognizes and deals with the seriousness of COVID-19’.

Finally, the AJD called again on republican institutions to take the historic responsibility for returning Brazil to democratic normality before it is too late.


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