Associated Press Worldview: Capitol Riot, Nursing Home Deaths, Earthquake, More

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March 05, 2021

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Ted Anthony

Director of Digital Innovation

The Rundown

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Two firefighters loaned to Washington for the day were the only medics on the Capitol steps Jan. 6, trying to triage injured officers as they watched the angry mob swell and attack police working……Read More

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NEW YORK (AP) — Top aides to Gov. Andrew Cuomo altered a state Health Department report to obscure the true number of people killed by COVID-19 in the state’s nursing homes, The Wall Street… …Read More

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WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate is beginning debate on a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill, after Democrats made eleventh-hour changes aimed at ensuring they could pull President Joe Biden’s top… …Read More

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BANGKOK (AP) — YouTube has removed five channels run by Myanmar’s military for violating its community guidelines and terms of service. The company said Friday that it terminated channels… …Read More

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WASHINGTON (AP) — America’s employers likely stepped up their hiring in February as confirmed viral cases declined, consumers spent big chunks of their government aid checks and the economy… …Read More


BAGHDAD (AP) — Pope Francis heads to Iraq on Friday to urge the country’s dwindling number of Christians to stay put and help rebuild the country after years of war and pers…Read More

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — Officials in New Zealand issued a tsunami warning for coastal areas after a shallow, powerful earthquake struck off the northeastern coast on …Read More

Iceland Shakes

More than 18,000 small-scale earthquakes have shaken southwestern Iceland over the past week, raising fears of impending seismic activity from the region’s numerous volcanos. While the area hasn’t seen volcanic activity in more than 800 years, a 300-year-long period of eruptions lasted from the 10th to the 13th century. During that stretch, eruptions were continuous but relatively small, though at least one major eruption may have occurred.

The country’s volcanic activity arises from its position straddling the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, an undersea mountain chain separating the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates (see video explainer). The two plates are pulling apart from each other at roughly 1 inch per year—a fairly rapid clip by geologic standards.

The ridge has created in Iceland one of the few places you can literally bridge two tectonic plates.

LONDON (AP) — Banksy appears to have thrown his support behind a campaign to turn a former prison in the English town of Reading into an arts venue, a town spokesman said on…Read More

Imagine being trapped in the confines of your own neighborhood, losing a sense of the outside world — and of yourself — with each passing day. Things are seeming kind of fla…Read More

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