An autopsy has confirmed that a local man whose body was discovered in Frigate Bay early Tuesday morning (Nov 5) died from natural causes. Dead is Brian Liddie of Haynes Smith Village, Basseterre. Sometime around 6am workers in the area found Liddie’s nude body laid out on a sheet of wood near the sewage plant belonging to the St. Kitts Marriott Hotel. His clothes were spread out around his body. Officers from the Frigate Bay outpost were alerted around 6:30 and sometime later a District Medical Doctor pronounced him dead. According to police, “The District Medical Examiner found no signs of foul play and recommended that an autopsy be performed to determine the exact cause of death.”On Wednesday a post mortem concluded that Liddie died from a heart attack. The deceased was described as a transient who sustained himself by collecting golf balls at the nearby golf course and selling them to tourists using the course. It was said that Liddie was ‘residing’ on the peripheries of the golf course and workers in the area said it was not uncommon to see him place his laundry to dry on the course.